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Module 1:  Number

1Give out Textbooks, Exercise Books, Hall Books, Theory Folders

Hall:  Worksheet 1-1   Answers Video
2Percentages, revision of compound. Inverse percentages

Hall:  Worksheet 1-2 and Answers
3Estimation, rounding & bounds, including revision of standard form

RoundingBoundsStandard Form
Hall:  Worksheet 1-3 and Answers

Surds, Golden Ratio VideoFibonacci Video
Hall:  None – Leave-Out
5Indices revision, Negative & Fractional indices

Lesson, Text Ex 22, 23, Musical Scale
Hall Worksheet 2-1 and Answers Video
6Revision and Tracking Test 1

Practice Test.  Harder Practice Test and Answer
Hall Worksheet 2-2 and Answers
7Sets & Venn Diagrams

LessonExample Qns Video, Text Ex 15, 16 Q1-4, Exam Qns and Ans
Hall None – Half Term